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Have you downloaded our app yet? BrideScan, the official app of the Arizona Bridal Show will completely change your bridal show experience! No more trying to remember which exhibitors you liked, lugging around hundreds of brochures or filling out 100 contact sheets by hand. Our app streamlines everything by letting you scan exhibitors you like, take notes about them, and even provides their contact information and social media links!


BrideScan lets you scan potential wedding pros and other brides you meet during a bridal show via QR code. The app does all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Once you scan another BrideScan profile – whether that’s a fellow bride or a vendor – your contact information exchanges. From there, you can: 1. Rate vendors on a star level to reflect your amount of interest. 2. Reach out to anyone you’ve scanned directly via email, website or phone number.
  • Touch base with vendors you’re actually interested in. No more wading through tons of business cards and brochures.
  • View vendors you’ve scanned by category (cakes, catering, photography, etc.) and filter by interest.


  • BrideScan is a free and simple way to streamline your wedding-planning efforts during a hectic bridal show.
  • BrideScan gives you the latest contact info and details about only the wedding pros you’re actually interested in connecting with.
  • BrideScan organizes all the wedding pros you’re interested in by category.
  • BrideScan allows you to rate vendors by level of interest.
  • BrideScan acts as your own personal “bride card” when you scan someone else – so you don’t have to fill out a ton of contact info over and over during the show!