The altar was picturesque, the food was delicious, and you both looked great. Wait, aren’t we missing something? Yes, the music, how could anyone forget the music at the wedding? Well most people do forget about paying attention to the music. Music is after all, the key factor to bring the wedding party to a memorable end. However, it is one of those aspects in a wedding that people often underrate, even completely overlook at times. This leads to many mistakes, and we will cover some of them here.

A Moment of Silence

As your focus is on making a big entrance, you can easily forget about build up to it, which of course the music can provide. How strange it would be to make your guests wait in silence for 30 minutes to sometimes even an hour while they look around like clueless ducks. Play some classical or soothing music before making the big entrance. At least that will keep the guests a little interested.

Sound Check

While your father is screaming at the guy who set up the sound system, you will eventually realize that you should have had a sound check before going with the proceedings. This becomes even more important when you are having a wetting set in the outdoors. You don’t want the crashing waves or windy hill peaks to overshadow the beautiful music that the band or DJ is playing do you?

Not That Song

When you hire a band or DJ to guide your wedding with music, you should at least provide them with a list of songs that you want to be played, but more importantly, a list of songs that you don’t want to hear, at all. You don’t want to hear a song that brings back sad memories while you’re slow dancing with your partner and looking them in the eye!

Creating Your Wedding Plan 101

By The Knot Editors

The secret to a gorgeous wedding is a definitive style and color scheme. And though carrying it through all the wedding day details may at first seem overwhelming, just take it one element at a time. To begin envisioning your perfect wedding day, you need to make some big-picture decisions:

  1. Decide the date (springtime, fall, winter?)
  2. The location (at home, in a ballroom, at a restaurant?)
  3. How formal it will be (sit-down dinner, laid-back brunch?)
  4. The colors you’ll use. Once you’ve done this, all other style

Details will fall into place, so let’s get started.