83% of our surveyed attendees during our January 2019 show downloaded and used BrideScan!





Have you downloaded our app yet? BrideScan, the official app of the Arizona Bridal Show will completely change your bridal show experience! Our app streamlines everything by letting attendees scan a unique code at your booth, take notes about you, and even provides you with their contact information immediately! No more waiting for leads. You'll have them as soon as they scan!

Here's the deal:

BrideScan allows you to connect with brides you met during and after a bridal show via QR code. We'll AUTOMATICALLY sign you up for our BrideScan app before the show and provide you with a QR code during load-in.

The app does all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Once you are scanned - your contact information exchanges with the attendee. From there, you can:
    • view bride's profiles to see which vendors they have booked.
    • reach out to anyone you've scanned directly via email, website or phone number.
  • Touch base with brides who are actually interested in you. Reach out to hot leads before receiving a bride lead list.
    • View bride's profiles to see if they have booked a certain category (caterers, photographers, venues etc.)
  • Need more space to work? Log into your profile at bridescan.com for desktop access to the same information and have the ability to:
    • print your QR code.
    • download a CSV file of all scans you received.
  • You can also always download BrideScan on any iOS or Android mobile device!

Why it's awesome:

  • BrideScan is a free and simple way to streamline your leads.
  • BrideScan gives you the latest contact info and details of everyone who scanned your booth.
  • BrideScan allows you to take notes on brides/attendees you've met with.
  • BrideScan allows you to scan other exhibitors if you'd like to exchange information with them.