July 2014

July 28, 2014

So congratulations are in order first of all. There is nothing as perfect as a lovely summer wedding. Summer weddings can be beautiful, as long as all those little details are dealt with carefully and methodically. If your planning and preparation are well handled, you can look forward to a truly amazing time on the best day of your life.

One of the aspects of planning that needs a meticulous approach is the bridesmaids and the arrangements around this important group of people. How you handle the way they look is the second most important thing on your to-do list after ensuring the bride’s dress is perfect.

Communication is absolutely key here. Talk to your bridesmaids as often as you can in the run-up to choosing a dress style, and involve them as much as possible in the process. The more involved they are, the more likely you are going to be able to visualize the bridesmaids in the right dress.

You obviously have to bear in mind the time of year. Arrange to view as many light and appropriately colored dresses as you can, and also arrange as many appointments to try dresses on as possible. You want to strike a summer theme with the dresses, so you are looking for light colors that suggest summer.

As with all bridesmaid dress issues, bear in mind that you may well have a number of different sizes and body shapes. Again, having plenty of opportunities to try the dresses on is key.

The takeaway? Light-toned dresses that have been tried on a number of times so that the fit and the feel are just right. That comes with plenty of planning time and lots of communication.

If you’re still stuck with finding the perfect summer bridesmaids dress, come talk to our many wedding dress boutiques at the upcoming show.

July 22, 2014

Most people think a wedding should be a romantic, emotional ceremony, while the reception should be a grand celebration and party to remember. One thing that will make or break your party will be the music, and whether or not people hit the dance floor. All too often, what people remember about the wedding reception is a bad band or DJ.

Plan Early

There are several reasons why you should not leave the wedding music planning toward the end. The band or DJ must be booked in advance to ensure they are available for your big day. You must also consider what your budget, and the venue, can handle.


Disco or Dance Hall

You will need to decide whether you want a DJ, or a live band, and the type of music you want. Although a DJ is a common choice, it does not have to be yours. A live band has a lot to offer, and there are a wide variety of styles.


If a live band is too expensive, you may find a DJ who will play anything ranging from big band to modern music. Your wedding, your style, your choice; just remember, the goal is to get your guests up and dancing if they don’t enjoy the music, they are not going to boogie.


Budget to Boogie

Often when people are considering their wedding budget, they forget about the music. Once you have decided what type of music you want, it is now time to look at cost. You can check our directory for Arizona bands and DJs. Be sure you arrange to hear the band or DJ before you book and settle on a price.


You can find great Arizona wedding bands on our exhibitor directory or at our next expo.

July 8, 2014

We all love watching the fireworks displays on the 4th of July, but that shouldn’t be the only time the sky gets lit up. Fireworks are a great addition to any Arizona wedding.

Many couples love the look of having their guests wave sparklers as they depart. This is a safe and beautiful alternative to confetti or rice, which your venue might not allow.

However, for a real statement, there’s nothing like a big display. Having a professional fireworks display is something that can add a real wow factor to your reception. It can also provide a beautiful backdrop for any special moment, whether it’s the first dance or cutting the cake.

If you’re looking for fireworks for your Arizona wedding, Red Hot Fireworks provide a bang to weddings valleywide. You can get in touch with them through our exhibitor directory. You can also find many other great Arizona wedding vendors there, or meet them at our next bridal expo.

Photo: Flickr/Jim Wall