March 2015

March 30, 2015

Finding a nice gift is always difficult –and even more so when you have to do this for your groomsmen. However, given the fact that they are your best friends and that they will be there for you on one of the most important days of your life, giving them something nice is more than appropriate.

If you are searching for some nice groomsmen’s gift ideas, you have come to the right place because we have put together a list of some of the best options out there. Read on and inspire yourself!

  • Watches. If you truly want to spoil your groomsmen and send a really big “Thank You”message, offer them nice watches. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on each watch –but do make sure it’s something truly tasteful. If you want to personalize them, make sure you do it in an inconspicuous place (such as the back of the watch) and with something discrete (such as a “Thank You”and your wedding date, for example).
  • Wallets. If you want classy gifts for your groomsmen, but if you cannot afford spending too much, leather wallets are a really good option. Again, you can personalize them, but make sure it’s not something tacky or too obvious. After all, you want your friends to actually make use of your gift.
  • Accessories. Cufflinks, tie bars, money clips and other classy accessories can make for amazing gifts as well. They are easy to personalize, they are very elegant and they can be worn at your wedding (and at other elegant events as well).

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March 23, 2015

At their very core, weddings are among the happiest events in people’s lives. Thus, most couples will want their Big Day to be fun and full of positive vibes too. If you want to create the kind of wedding reception your guests will remember many years from now, take a look at the following tips. We have gathered some of the best “secrets”on how to plan a genuinely fun reception:

  • Keep the toasts short. It’s not that people don’t like toasts –they love them, actually. It’s just that keeping them short will leave you with plenty of time to spend on things that are even more entertaining!
  • Customizable food and/or drinks. Great food is always a “must”for any kind of wedding reception. But customizable foods and drinks are even better! Provide your guests with their own “cupcake making bar”, “cocktail making bar”or “risotto making bar”and they’ll love the idea.
  • Spice up your First Dance. Sure, the First Dance should be an emotional, romantic moment. But there’s nobody to stop you from spicing it up a bit. Create a choreography that “breaks”the slow dance into a fun one and every single guest will applaud the idea.
  • Keep the kids in mind. If you know there will be kids at the reception, provide them with some fun things to do. From board games to personalized coloring books and to assigning them “special missions”(such as shooting photos with a disposable camera), there’s a myriad of fun options for the little ones too.
  • Split your venue into different areas. Create a “food”area, a “drinks”area and a “coffee”area –this will encourage guests to move, mix and mingle. In the end, movement is the secret to any successful party and this is precisely what splitting your venue in different areas will help you achieve.

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March 16, 2015

Music is one of the most important parts in every wedding –and you will definitely want to make sure you choose the very best DJ there is. If you are not very certain as to how exactly to do this, make sure to check out with the following questions you should always ask your DJ:

  • What is their style? You want your DJ’s style to be fully compatible with your style and with your wedding’s style, so this is one of the most important things to ask about.
  • Can they spin a very particular song? A professional DJ should be able to download any tune you want –from the latest pop song to traditional Russian wedding songs if that’s what you want for your Big Day.
  • Are they familiar with your wedding venue? Your DJ should know your wedding venue very well so that he/she knows exactly what type of equipment is needed. Furthermore, remember to ask if they need to rent extra equipment for your particular wedding –and ask them how much this will cost as well.
  • Will they make sure the music is at the perfect volume? You want people on the dance floor to enjoy the music, but you want those at the tables to hear each other as well. A good, professional DJ should know how to achieve this.
  • How many hours are included in the service? Usually, wedding DJs are booked for a very specific number of hours –and anything that goes above that will be charged as “extra”. Make sure to ask how many hours your DJ will spin for you and how much extra hours cost as well.

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March 9, 2015

Choosing a wedding bouquet is a great step in the wedding planning process –and most brides will want to analyze more than one option when doing this. If you haven’t decided on your bouquet yet, make sure to take orchids into consideration. There are hundreds of reasons to love them –and we have put together some of the most important ones here:

They are unique, elegant and opulent. When everyone’s turning to white roses (and, more recently, peonies), you can choose a type of flower that is truly beautiful and unique at the same time too.

  • It may not appear so at first, but orchids are actually very versatile and they can look amazing with just about any kind of wedding style. From luxurious “orchid shower bouquets”to bouquets that combine orchids with “rustic-chic”elements (such as frothy astlibe or buds of society garlic), there’s really something for everyone.
  • Orchids come in as many colors as you can imagine as well: soft pastels, creamy whites, lovely and daring bright colors, and so on. Therefore, no matter what kind of color scheme you may have chosen for your Big Day, you will definitely find an orchid color to go perfectly with the rest of the décor/the bridesmaids’dresses/your accessories.
  • Orchids are very easy to “accessorize”too. You can leave them as such, pair them with beautiful ribbons or complement their natural beauty with gemstones, heirlooms or any other element you may want to include in your bouquet.

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March 2, 2015

In general, weddings are still considered to be quite formal, elegant events. Although there are a lot of “rules”that are not taken into consideration any longer, there are still certain things you should definitely not do at your wedding. Here are some of the most important wedding etiquette “Don’ts”to keep in mind for your Big Day:

  • Don’t announce your engagement on any social media account before you call your close relatives and friends. It would be really awful that your high school classmates (whom you haven’t spoken to in years) to find out about your engagement before your mom does!
  • Registry information is not for the wedding invitations. Many couples make this mistake, and it is understandable why they do it. However, if you want to go the “formal”and “polite”way, you should avoid doing this at all costs.
  • Be considerate of your guests. Don’t have them pay for their drinks at the reception (no matter how huge the bill will turn out). Don’t make them wait too long in between the ceremony and the reception. Also, pay attention to how you create the reception seating chart as well (for instance, avoid randomly seating all of your single guests at one table).
  • Be considerate of your vendors as well. They are humans too and they have to eat and drink, especially since most of them will be spending the whole day helping you get the wedding you have always dreamed of.

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