September 2014

September 15, 2014

Choosing the location of your wedding will most likely be among the first things you will have to do in between “I Do”and “You May Kiss the Bride”. The venue will dictate a lot of other wedding-related choices: from the dress to whether or not you will have to send out “Save the Date”cards as well. Therefore, you should always make sure to think thoroughly before striking a deal with anyone.

To make this choice easier for you, we have put together a series of tips that will narrow down the huge list of options you probably have at the moment:

  • Think of what type of wedding you want. Do you want a luxurious, elegant wedding? Or do you want to settle for shabby-chic or rustic-themed décor? There are locations that look great with both of these “extremes”, but there are also places that are simply not suitable for certain types of wedding.
  • How many people do you want to invite? Some locations only offer a limited number of seats and that could be an issue if you want a larger wedding.
  • If you know you have guests that will not be able to travel long distances, make sure that the location you choose is somewhere in between them, you and the other guests too. You don’t want anyone to miss out on this hugely important day just because they can’t get the right transportation for them!
  • Can the location help you with anything else (other than the venue itself)? Many such places work with a lot of other wedding-related service providers such as caterers, photographers and so on. This would make your job much, much easier as you will not have to run around to search for the right professionals.

If you want a glamorous, stunning and unforgettable wedding, don’t forget to take Villa Siena into consideration. Our venue is just splendid and we will also help you find reliable, high quality caterers and wedding service providers so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all when the big day comes!

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September 8, 2014

You will want everyone at your wedding to feel great –and that means that, leaving aside the music and the décor, you will also have to think of some great dishes and drinks to serve your guests with. Sure, you could go for some good old-fashioned drinks and cocktails, but why not create your very own unique signature drinks for this big day? Your guests will definitely be impressed and you’ll have the chance to serve them something really special they never tasted before. Here are some great ideas when it comes to this:


  • Think of your wedding theme and how you could incorporate it into your drinks as well. For instance, if you will be having a beach wedding, you could try to incorporate exotic fruits and beach-like décor into your drinks as well.


  • Also, the color of your signature drinks can be matched to your wedding reception’s colors too. There are so many types of drinks and colors that can be combined that the hardest thing will be actually settling on just a couple few.


  • You can also have non-alcoholic signature drinks for your wedding too. If you know there will be many people who will drive and who will not want to have any kind of alcohol, you should definitely take this into consideration.


  • Acquire inspiration from everywhere because just about any kind of drink (alcoholic or not) can be combined in a unique and delicious way.


  • If you are not sure whether your caterer/drinks provider will be able to make these drinks for you, simply ask them. You would be surprised at how many of them can actually do this.


And if you are searching for a great caterer in the Phoenix area, don’t forget to contact Put a Fork in It. We have the best menus out there and we can help you satisfy even the pickiest guests you may have invited!


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September 1, 2014

If your wedding is going to take place in fall, then you probably know that you have made a great decision when it comes to the date of the big day. Fall is one of the most romantic times to have your wedding in and it can definitely add a lot to the beauty of this moment. However, you should also make sure to match your wedding to the season in which you are because this way you will achieve a great and beautiful effect.

Your flower arrangements are definitely not among the last things to take care of on your to-do list and they have to be really well-thought if you want your wedding venue to look amazing. Fall flowers can be a great choice and they can add uniqueness, grace and elegance to a room in an instant. Here are some fall flower arrangement ideas you will love:

  • If roses are your favorite flowers, you don’t necessarily have to toss them away just because you want a fall wedding flower arrangement. Get roses in yellow and orange shades and you will be able to create superb arrangements this way.
  • You can also go for flowers that grow in the fall as well. Chrysanthemums, for example, can be an amazing choice and they come in various colors to fit both your fall theme and your wedding’s color scheme as well.
  • To add something special to your flower arrangements, go for branches, berries and other similar things. They will add dimension and originality to the arrangements and they will definitely look gorgeous!
  • Pair your wedding arrangements with dark brown candle holders and you will add classiness and a vintage-appeal to the décor.

For flower arrangements that fit into any theme and any season, don’t forget to visit Ever After Florals. They offer stunning arrangements that will steal your heart away and make your wedding décor look like torn out of a fairy tale!

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