October 2014

October 20, 2014

We love being surrounded by those we love and by those who love us back as well. And when it comes to important events in our lives, we would definitely want everyone we care about to be there for us!

Undoubtedly, weddings fall into this category. Aside from the fact that you will invite your family, relatives and friends, you may also want to take into consideration the option of including your pets into your wedding as well. Why and how can you do that? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Your pets love you unconditionally (and you love them as well) –so why wouldn’t they be part of your big day too? There’s absolutely nobody in the world to say that your dog, cat or even parrot cannot be “invited”to your wedding.
  • Your pets can make for a wonderful addition to a wedding, especially if you know there will be children invited too. They love petting a nice dog or cat and they definitely love the more exotic pets as well, so why not provide them with some joy and bring your little friends with you?
  • You can include your dog in the wedding ceremony, for example. He/she will definitely enchant everyone with his/her cuteness! Even more, if you train him/her well, he/she can even be your ring bearer!
  • If you have other pets, you can include them in your wedding photo shootings. This way, they will be part of this important event in your life and you will include them in your most beautiful memories as well.
  • Pets can look incredibly elegant for your wedding day. You can dress them in nice tuxedoes and you can have them wear cute bow-ties too! This will be absolutely cute and everyone will love it!

Here at The Wright House, we will be more than happy to welcome you and the important beings in your life. Book our venue and you, your guests and your furry friends will definitely appreciate the high quality services we provide!

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October 13, 2014

Your wedding day! You have been thinking of this big moment in your life for so long that now that it is finally approaching, you feel downright stressed out when it comes to all the details you have to take care of. That is actually very normal and commonly encountered among many of the brides out there so breathe in, focus and you’ll be able to make the best choices possible.

Your wedding tables will be more than just the surfaces on which the food will be served. In fact, if you are like most of the brides out there, you will want them to look very pretty and to complement your entire wedding theme as well. How do you create simple and elegant table designs? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • The first and foremost important thing you have to take into consideration is precisely your wedding theme (and wedding colors). Starting from this point, you will be able to rule out many of the available options out there until you are left with those suitable for your wedding.
  • The center pieces are very important, so choose them carefully. You can be very creative when it comes to these and you can always combine floral and non-floral elements for a unique and elegant look. For instance, fall weddings will look marvelous with center pieces made out of fall flowers and golden leaves.
  • The table linens and the table runners are also important. Try to make sure that the table doesn’t look too “busy”and go for something simple if you already have a lot of items crammed in the small space between the cutlery, the glassware and the plates.
  • Also, remember that the way in which the eating utensils, the plates and the glassware look can be quite important. If you want your wedding to be really elegant, keep in mind to choose these carefully as well!

For wedding rentals that look classy and stylish, don’t forget to visit Bella Dolce and Flora. We offer beautiful glassware, linens and flowers for those planning on their big day and we can also coach you on how to plan the best wedding ever as well!

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October 7, 2014

Your wedding is a big event for you, and you will want everything to go smoothly. But even more than that maybe, you want every single guest to feel amazing being there for you on your big day and you will want to make sure you provide them with everything they need in order to truly have fun.

Bar service is an amazing choice when it comes to weddings and there are many reasons that make many couples opt for them as well. Why would you go for it as well? Here are some of the reasons:

  • You can choose to go for an open bar. This will allow your guests to drink whatever they want and in whatever quantity they want it as well. From non-alcoholic drinks to alcoholic drinks, an open bar can serve your guests with all sorts of beverages.

  • You can also choose to go for a “specialty”bar. Martini bars, wine tasting bars and frozen drinks bars really make for very popular choices –and your guests will definitely be impressed by your effort to make them feel great at your wedding reception.

  • Bar service can also be much more inexpensive for you as well. Aside from the fact that your guests will not have to feel limited as to how they have their drinks, you will also be able to save quite some money on this, especially if you know you will have heavy drinkers at your wedding.

  • Last, but definitely not least, bar services can also bring some really nice and special drinks for your guests. There are a lot of signature drinks out there that really entice one’s taste buds and some of them could fit perfectly into your wedding theme too.

If you are searching for a dedicated and passionate caterer and bar service provider for your wedding, don’t forget to check out with Put a Fork in It. High quality, attention to detail and classiness are the main things characterizing them so make sure to visit their site for more information!

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